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Standout financial advisor, certified yoga instructor, and girl dad Eszylfie Taylor takes you on a journey through his professional, personal, and spiritual life.

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Everybody wants to be successful, until they see what it takes. Success doesn’t exist without balance, hard work, and the right mindset!


Financial literacy is at the core of what Eszylfie does for all of his clients. Learn how to get your financial house in order through conversations with celebrities and other high net worth individuals.


When Eszylfie is not helping clients solve problems or discover their chi through yoga, he’s a role model for his 3 beautiful daughters, Nya, Shae, and Zoe.

Every day is an adventure.

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Who is Eszylfie?

Described in the media as:


Eszylfie Taylor, one of America’s top financial advisors, has made a name for himself by separating from the pack in the cut-throat business of financial advising. With an extensive list of awards and accolades to his name, he has rightfully earned his success.

Eszylfie is everyone’s go-to guy when it comes to business. From speaking at conferences across the globe, to teaching his trademark strategy to 100,000+ professionals, Eszylfie never stops demonstrating his contagious enthusiasm for both business and life.

He is, in a word,


Eszylfie is also a dedicated philanthropist. He sits on the board of several non-profits and is tireless in his efforts to support young children through sports, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities.

Eszylfie is the proud and dedicated father of three beautiful daughters, Nya, 15, and twins Shae and Zoe, 12. Working hard to provide a healthy and happy environment for his girls, Eszylfie co-parents with his ex-wife, Kristen.

One of the major keys to Eszylfie’s success has been his dedication to his physical and mental well-being. As a long-time yogi and yoga instructor, Eszylfie maintains a daily practice and teaches at some of LA’s most popular yoga studios.

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