What does

success look like?

Standout financial advisor, certified yoga instructor, and girl dad Eszylfie Taylor takes you on a journey through his professional, personal, and spiritual life.

Be the best version of yourself.

Coming in 2021.

Mind + Body

Everybody wants to be successful, until they see what it takes. Success doesn’t exist without balance, hard work, and the right mindset!


Financial literacy is at the core of what Eszylfie does for all of his clients. Learn how to get your financial house in order through conversations with celebrities and other high net worth individuals.


When Eszylfie is not helping clients solve problems or discover their chi through yoga, he’s a role model for his 3 beautiful daughters, Nya, Shae, and Zoe.

Every day is an adventure.

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Who is Eszylfie?

Described in the media as:


Based in LA, at the young age of 42 he has already made a name for himself and separated from the pack in the cutthroat business of financial advising. He is everyone’s go-to guy, and mentors’ people twice his age teaching his trademark strategy. Eszylfie is statistically in the top 1% of advisors worldwide and has received a laundry list of awards and accolades. He was also the subject of the LinkedIn Superbowl Commercial Series. Eszylfie has a demeanor that demands attention with a commanding presence and the aura of a celebrity. He is always well dressed, handsome and charming to a fault.

The Mind Body Money reality series will follow him advising a clientele which includes top athletes, celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. In this capacity he is part therapist as he helps clients navigate both expected and unexpected life changes. He is also often in the unenviable position of having to push hard for clients to make decisions that are in their best interest. He is passionate about his clients and relentless in serving them in a way that truly changes their trajectory.

He is, in a word,


Eszylfie is also a dedicated philanthropist and sits on the board of several non-profits and is tireless in his fundraising to support young children through sports and mentorship and by providing scholarship opportunities. We will follow Eszylfie as he navigates through suburban Los Angeles looking for sponsors, investors and children in need.

As a single father, Eszylfie is committed to his 3 daughters and is dedicated to his co-parenting arrangement. Although he and his ex-wife work hard to provide a healthy environment for their children, that situation is not without its problems and we will have a front row seat to the challenges that divorced parents across the country face. From juggling schedules to dating again, Eszylfie is ground zero of 21st Century parenting. One doesn’t always associate a financial shark with a yogi, but that's just what Eszylfie is. A long-time yogi and yoga instructor, he teaches at some of LA’s most popular yoga studios several times a week and maintains a daily practice at home. Mind Body Money will bring viewers on a ride with one of LA’s most unique characters.

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